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Meredyth is so much more than a massage therapist. Meredyth seems to speak the sixth sense that bodies use to communicate and she listens and responds with the upmost care and compassion. I first started seeing her when I was pregnant and my body was dealing with some repetitive stress issues from working a physical job while pregnant with a very large baby. She knew just how to help release the muscular/soft tissue tension I was holding in order to better carry my baby. She even sent me home with some suggestions of yoga and exercise techniques to help my body. 

After my baby was born and I suffered some birth injuries she helped connect me to an amazing community of birth body workers to support my healing in addition to regular massage.  Now my body has healed from pregnancy and childbirth but I still make sure to get massages from Meredyth because life has a way of throwing tension into your mind and body and she always knows how to help ground and relax my body and mind. I recommend Meredyth to all my friends and once you have a massage with her you will understand why.  ---Kendra H.


Mom’s Perspective:
We have been blessed to have Meredyth's support for the birth of both of our children. As a former dancer, I really appreciated Meredyth's awareness of the pregnant body. Her combination of training as a doula, yoga instructor, and massage therapist made me feel like she understood my body even when I couldn't put it into words.

Our prenatal visits with Meredyth were very helpful in terms of organizing logistics as well as preparing mentally and emotionally for giving birth. It really helped us all get on the same page so that when labor started we were a team and very few questions had to be asked.

After both births in a hospital, our doctors and nurses made a point of commenting on how impressed they were by Meredyth and how easily they were able to work with her. She is professional, intuitive, and supportive of a variety of choices around birthing. ---Jessica J. 

Dad’s Perspective:
Like a lot of dads‐to‐be, I wasn’t sure how having a doula would change my role during labor. In fact, I wasn’t exactly sure what my role in labor would even be.

Meredyth helped us prepare. She worked with us for weeks before our daughter was born to help us know what to expect during labor and how to anticipate our needs and emotions. She showed me how to be a calming presence for my wife. She showed me how to physically support her. She listened to my hopes and my worries and helped put me at ease. During labor, Meredyth helped remind us what we’d discussed and she kept track of the important moments so that we would remember the experience afterwards. She never made decisions or got in the way, yet she was present and supportive. When it came time for our second child to be born, I knew I wanted Meredyth’s support again. I would recommend Meredyth’s support to any dad who wants to be fully present in the birth of their child. ---Jeff J. 

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    Meredyth Johnson Kramschuster, LMT, RYT
     Certified in Pre- & Perinatal Rehabilitative Therapeutic
    Massage & Bodywork, Birth Doula, and Dance & Yoga Teacher 
    Serving the Twin Cities Area



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